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Sports Mouth Guards

If you play sports, it's important to protect your teeth and mouth with a mouth guard. Our Kamloops dentists provide custom-made sports mouth guards for all athletes, from children to adults.

What is a Sports Mouth Guard?

Custom-made mouth guards (also called sports guards) can help protect your teeth, jaw, mouth and head from injuries when you play sports like hockey, basketball, football and soccer.

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Sports Mouth Guard | Cedar Dental Centre

Custom Mouth Guards at Cedar Dental Centre

Mouth guards help prevent injuries and concussions. They are most important for contact sports like football and hockey, but they're a good idea for almost any sport where there's a chance that your face will come into contact with another player, a ball, or equipment.

Our Kamloops dentists will create a custom mouth guard for you to fit your teeth exactly.

Custom mouth guards are created from a mold taken of your teeth for a comfortable, secure fit. With proper care and storage, your custom mouth guard will protect your teeth, gums, jaw, and head for many years to come.

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