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Do's & Don'ts After Dental Fillings

Our Kamloops dentists offer some advice about what you should and should not do after a filling.

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12 Tips for Wearing Clear Aligners From Our Dentists

Today, our Kamloops dentists share some tips about wearing clear aligners.

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Why Is Restorative Dental Care so Important?

Today, our Kamloops dentists discuss restorative dental services that can help restore your smile.

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How Much Will My Teeth Hurt When Using Invisalign Clear Aligners?

In this post, our Kamloops dentists explain why your teeth may hurt a bit during treatment with Invisalign clear aligners, and how you can manage any pain you experience.

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Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes

Here, our Kamloops dentists explain how an electric toothbrush can benefit your dental care over a manual one.

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Clear Aligners & Their Value

Today, our Kamloops dentists explain what you should consider when deciding on undergoing clear aligner treatment.

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What is the iTero Scanner for Invisalign?

iTero is a dental impression scanner that allows your dentist to take digital images and plan your Invisalign treatment in real-time. Here, our Kamloops dentists explain what it is and how it helps you get the most out of your treatment.

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Overbite vs. Overjet: How Can You Tell the Difference - and Can Clear Aligners Help?

Our Kamloops dentists explain the difference and how we may be able to correct either issue with clear aligners.

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How to achieve and maintain a whiter smile

Our Kamloops dentists provide insights and advice on how you can achieve a whiter smile, and how to keep it that way.

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Eating with Clear Aligners: The Complete Guide

Because clear aligners are removable, you’ll enjoy not having dietary restrictions during your treatment. But today, our Kamloops dentists explain some other things you should know about eating and drinking with clear aligners.

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