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3 Tips to Make Flossing Easier

November 8, 2017

There is no doubt that brushing twice daily is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth. However, it is equally important that you floss on a regular basis, as it will help remove bacteria that the toothbrush couldn’t reach. And while flossing is a relatively simple process, there are a few things that can help make flossing more efficient. Here are 3 tips to make flossing easier.

Be Gentle

Flossing Too Hard can Cause Oral Health Issues.
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When it comes to flossing, it can be easy to overdo it by flossing too hard. This often comes with the assumption that the harder and deeper you floss, the cleaner the teeth will become. However, flossing too hard can actually have negative effects on your oral health. To prevent this, you should press gently on the floss, while making smooth strokes between teeth.

Use Plenty of Floss

It is no secret that dental floss is very cheap. Even knowing this, many people tend to skimp when using it. If you are using a piece of dental floss that is too short, you will end up struggling to keep a grip on the strand and this can cause a loss of patience. In fact, the last time that you were at the family dental clinic, you may have noticed the dentist pull out a long strand of floss and wrap it around their fingers. This allows for a better grip and more control when using the floss.

Angling the Floss

Angling the Floss will Help Clean the Sides of Your Teeth.
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If you keep the floss straight and only move it upward and downward between your teeth it may fail to remove bacteria that has built up. This is because the floss will not rub properly against the sides of your teeth. To prevent this from happening, you will want to keep the floss angled 45 degrees while moving it between your teeth. When using this method, remember to hold the floss firmly, while at the same time avoiding any discomfort.

Flossing is Easy

While the basic concept of flossing is easy to understand, there are some techniques that can aid in improving the effectiveness of the routine. When you are flossing, remember to be gentle and use smooth strokes. In addition, make sure that you use plenty of dental floss as this will make it easier to handle the floss properly. Furthermore, angling the floss will help to ensure that the floss is being used as effectively as possible. Next time you get ready to floss, remember these 3 tips to make flossing easier.


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