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Dental Care and Your Baby

October 12, 2017

It is no secret that regular dentist visits are key for ensuring proper oral health as an adult. But did you know that dental care is just as important for a baby? In fact, babies teeth are susceptible to many oral problems, with tooth decay topping the list. Here is some information on dental care and your baby.

The First Dentist Visit

You Should Schedule a Dentist Appointment Within 6 Months of Birth.
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It is best to schedule a visit with your dentist as soon as your baby’s first tooth appears. And while you don’t have to rush to the dentist office the moment the tooth emerges, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment within 6 months of birth and no later than one year. Not only are early dental visits vital in helping to prevent oral problems, but they can also help form good dental habits.

Bacteria Concerns

One of the most overlooked aspects that could affect a baby’s oral health is the transfer of bacteria. For instance, when you use an eating utensil prior to feeding your baby with it, you could pass bacteria to the child. This transfer could also occur when pacifiers are wiped clean, as bacteria can be transferred during the process.

When They Turn Three

Your baby should have a full set of 20 baby teeth by the time the child reaches the age of three. However, you should start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as the first one arrives. If you have any questions as to the type of toothpaste that should be used or the duration in which the teeth should be brushed, please consult your local family dental clinic.

Keep Brushing Fun

It is Important to Keep Brushing Fun.
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Good brushing habits are crucial for proper oral health, so it is important to get your child into the routine at a very early age. To make your child more interested in brushing try keeping a chart of their brushing schedule and use stickers or other incentives as a way of rewarding them. In addition, consider playing videos that are two minutes in length in order to ensure that your child is brushing for the recommended amount of time.

Brushing Habits Need to Start Early

There is no doubt that caring for a baby can be a lot of work, and this is even truer for first-time parents. However, you need not fret when it comes to oral care, so long as some simple steps are taken. If you have a baby, be sure to schedule its first dental visit within one year of the child’s birth, so that you can speak to the dentist about caring for your baby’s teeth. Furthermore, try to keep brushing fun by coming up with ways to reward the child and this will help develop the right brushing habits as well. And as always, if you have any questions, be sure to check with your dental care provider.


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