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Tips For Teaching Your Children How To Brush Their Teeth

Teaching your children good oral health habits is an important part of their learning. The younger you arm your children with a teeth brushing regime, the better prepared they will be for a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Many children find brushing their teeth to be a tedious chore, so what can you do as a parent or caregiver, to make this life skill more entertaining and enjoyable? There are great resources available to help you through this, and we have put together a great list of tips and tricks that will make the road to a healthy smile, an easy one for your children to walk on.

It All Starts With You

Start letting your children watch you brush your teeth as toddlers. Make it fun and be happy when you are brushing those pearly whites of yours. Children often will mimic their parents, and if you show them that oral care is fun and you are happy when you brush and floss, your children are more likely to enjoy doing it as well.

Buy a toothbrush for your child that is the same color as your personal toothbrush. Little kids love having the same things as their parents. When you model good behavior with your oral hygiene routine, your children will follow suit.

Make A Story That Sticks

Small children love stories, so why not incorporate that into good teeth brushing lessons. Whether your story is about sugar bugs eating holes in their teeth if they do not brush or that their toothbrush is a superhero combatting again the evil plaque villain, children will think that they are part of the story.

When you are teaching your child how to brush and what motions are used. Try describing it is ways that they will understand. Brushing your teeth should be done with large circles instead of back and forth. Explaining that the motion is like wheels on a train or a merry-go-round give them a visual on how to brush correctly.

To get them to brush for the proper amount of time, have a toothbrushing song that they can sing in their minds as they brush. You cannot stop brushing until the song is over. Many electric toothbrushes have a built-in feature that times how long you are brushing for.

Get Them Involved

Let you little ones pick out what type of toothpaste they want, the brush that they like and floss picks that are their favorite color. When children get to pick out their first toothbrush, make a big deal over it. Let them know that this toothbrush is the first and because of that is VERY SPECIAL.

While brushing your teeth, have your children brush their teeth with you. Make it a competition about who can create the most bubbles or froth! Toothpaste is working when there is a lot of foam, so create a challenge that will have your kids brushing properly in no time.

With little tricks and perseverance on your part, your children will develop a lifetime of good oral hygiene. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box and a whole lot of praise. Good luck and remember to smile!